Are Show Names Really Important?

Your show’s name is one of the unique elements to your podcast, it’s how people discover your show and can be the very thing that draws potential listeners’ attention to you, possibly making you stand out from the crowd. For some, it’s the hardest part of creating your show; many times you’ll think of a perfect name only to discover it’s already being used!

You should be unique and original when deciding upon a name, make it ‘catchy’ and relevant to the topic of your show. It’s important that your name isn’t overly complex or difficult to remember as this can be detrimental, pushing your show to the bottom of listings. You should aim to find the happy medium between too basic to sound good and too advanced to be listed.

If you’re familiar with SEO you may understand this concept slightly better. You should aim not to use abbreviations in the name, not only can they be difficult to remember, but people are simply not searching for them… Not only that, but they don’t represent your show and it’s purpose.

When potential listeners search on iTunes, there is very little opportunity to catch their attention. There are two main elements which will instantly draw them to your show. The first thing is the name you’ve chosen with the second being your artwork. People do judge books by their cover, and thus if your show has a name which makes it seem unappealing, you could lose a listener before you even draw them in!

Essentially, the name should represent your show and what category it falls into. Also, ensure your show name is available on any social networks that you wish to promote it on. It’s also a good idea to ensure that the domain name is available to allow you to have an easily remembered and related website.

Finally, make sure the name isn’t ambiguous. It shouldn’t have multiple spellings or possible different ways of pronouncing it. If it’s a simple, easy to remember name which catches peoples’ attention, then it’s a good name!

Jamie Bunting